Since inception, TRG has built out its expertise in a range of investment disciplines.

The Rohatyn Group Emerging Markets Strategies

Our Investment Strategies

TRG has a history of collaborating across the diverse teams of the firm leveraging multidisciplinary capabilities to create solutions that meet specific needs.

The Rohatyn Group was founded in 2002 to capitalize on opportunities in emerging markets across the public and private investing spectrum. Over the past two decades, we have continually expanded our capabilities.

At the core of our business, we are dedicated to providing specialized investment solutions. Leveraging our global-meets-local approach, on-the-ground coverage, and extensive investing experience in emerging markets and real assets, we work strategically to address our clients’ unique needs.

The Rohatyn Group Emerging Markets Public Markets Strategy

Public Markets

The multidisciplinary composition of TRG’s investment team engenders rich idea generation as it brings together emerging and global markets investment and trading expertise in fixed income, currency, equity and derivative products. The investment team’s skill set encompasses the ability to analyze both macro-economic and corporate investment opportunities.

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The Rohatyn Group Emerging Markets Private Markets Strategy

Private Markets

Our regionally focused private equity and credit teams invest alongside entrepreneurs, families, and management teams in middle-market businesses across sectors in emerging markets. Our Private Markets strategy extends across Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, India, Africa, and Asia.

Private Equity

Specializing in late-stage growth and capital buyouts, our Private Equity teams generally pursue mid-market opportunities across various sectors. Employing an active ownership approach, our investment professionals generally target companies in a strong financial position with stable predictable cash flows, clear and identifiable growth prospects, and strong management teams.

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Private Credit

TRG’s private credit investment professionals generally aim to identify local lending inefficiencies and credit under-penetration in Emerging Markets to provide capital to mid-market companies across various sectors.

The Rohatyn Group Emerging Markets Forestry and Agriculture Real Assets Strategy

Forestry and Agriculture

TRG Forestry & Agriculture (formerly the business of GMO Renewable Resources) is comprised of a seasoned team of land investment professionals and is dedicated to the acquisition and management of diversified portfolios of timberland and/or farmland for the benefit of its clients. Employing a value-oriented approach, TRG seeks to invest in assets at prices reflecting biological yield potential. The team focuses on properties in lower-risk geographies where commercial agriculture is well-developed and good title, high-quality management, and adequate infrastructure are available.


With experience in managing both plantations and natural forests, softwoods and hardwoods, U.S. and international operations, TRG professionals are skilled at developing and managing a diverse group of timber investments. The business has invested in the U.S. and internationally in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Panama and Uruguay.

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Employing a value-oriented approach, TRG generally seeks to invest in attractively priced farmland where productivity can be improved through the addition of capital, optimizing the mix of activities on the farm and achieving scale. Investments can also target both row and permanent cropland, as well as livestock. The business has made agriculture investments in Australia, New Zealand, South America and the U.S.

The Rohatyn Group Emerging Markets Solutions Strategy


TRG has experience with leveraging and combining various areas of firm expertise to try and create solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs. Capabilities in both public and private markets facilitate emerging market allocations that can evolve over time as the opportunity set changes and client needs shift.

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*On December 15, 2017, TRG Management LP acquired the business of GMO Renewable Resources, LLC.